Couples Counselling

Couples or Marital Counselling

Marriage or couples therapy may be helpful for couples who are experiencing dissatisfaction in their relationship.  Couples who seek therapy often report frequent intense arguments or loss of intimacy as signs of a troubled relationship. Some examples of concerns are :

  • Communication problems
  • Stress associated with parenthood, illness, in-laws, etc.
  • Infidelity
  • Addictions (gambling, alcohol, sex, other substances).
  • Sexual issues (e.g. compatibility, frequency, low/high sex drive).
  • Mood disorders, anxiety, other psychological conditions.

Practitioners may have their own individual style or approach to treating couples,  but the general goal is to create a safe and compassionate place to address these concerns and create a healthier level of functioning.   It is the therapists’ goal to remain neutral, to listen attentively, and to make recommendations as needed.   Sometimes the therapist may suggest individual therapy for one or both people—for example, if addictions are prominent then specialized treatment may be needed.

In some cases the outcome of therapy is that the couple cannot resolve their issues. The focus of therapy may then shift to assist in helping the couple achieve separation in an amicable manner.